Developed (Detail of the Cyanotype Human Measure), 2021. Photo by Bonny Taylor.
Human Measure
Human Measure

Human Measure

Presented by Canadian Stage

Created by Cassils

Human Measure, Cassils’s first piece of contemporary dance, made in collaboration with renowned US choreographer Jasmine Albuquerque, and a team of five exceptional trans and non binary performers. Rooted in kinesiology, martial arts, sports science while creating a live cyanotype in real time, Cassils reinterprets Yves Klein’s Anthropometries paintings. Against an unprecedented backdrop of US-based anti-trans legislation, Cassils draws inspiration from personal safety movements. Here intersectional representations press back against narratives surrounding trans bodies and athleticism. Differing from the passive, cisgendered female models used in Klein’s work, the marks made by performers in Human Measure reflect a process of empowered labour.

thursday / oct 27


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friday / oct 28


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saturday / oct 29


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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Human Measure was further supported by The National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund.

Human Measure was first commissioned on the occasion of the solo exhibition, Cassils: Human Measure, 2021, HOME Manchester, UK, curated by Bren O’Callaghan.

Human Measure was developed with the support of the Paul D. Fleck Fellowship residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, with support from Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre, initiated by Carol A. Stakenas and Jacqueline Bell.

With additional thanks to the Villa Bellagio Residency through the Rockefeller Foundation, INMATT Foundation, Canadian Stage and the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater (REDCAT) for their continued support.


  • Cassils


  • Jasmine Albequerque

Lighting Designer

  • Christopher Kuhl


  • Kadet Kuhne

Cyanotype Technical Director

  • Bonny Taylor


  • Jas Lin
  • Alucard Mendoza McHaney
  • B Gosse
  • Kaydence De Mere
  • Canyon Carballosa
  • Cassils


  • Diana Wyenn, Plain Wood Productions
  • Gina Young

Stage Manager

  • Gina Young

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