22.23 Season Content Advisories

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience of a Canadian Stage production and therefore we avoid giving too much away when promoting our shows.

If you would benefit from knowing more about specific emotive content and themes in our 22.23 season, please read our list below.


Adult content and language, racial slurs/racism, and some violence

Coarse language

Depictions of violence

Lighting glare onto audience

Loud noises

Please note that this performance contains nudity, dim lighting, loud sounds, as well as strong flashing lights from photographic strobe instruments that may not be appropriate for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other light sensitivities.

Partial Nudity

Language (swearing, slurs/discriminatory language)

Adult content/sexualized language

Recommended for ages 12-14+

The show contains adult language, including the n-word, with text in French, English, Creole and a hint of Spanish without surtitles. The performance also includes:

Bright lights/Flash/Epilepsy



Loud noises

Threat of Sexual Violence 


Please note scenes or images in this story may be distressing to some audience members.

This performance contains images of, and reference to, residential schools.

We acknowledge all Nations across Turtle Island and the impacts of colonization, intergenerational trauma, and the recent exposures of Truth.

Warning: Strobe lights and Synthetic fog are used during this performance.

Partial nudity

Mature themes

Graphic violence

Sexual content

Sexual violence

Strong language

Smoke machine


Domestic Violence


Updated February 9, 2023