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JUN 25
Simon Amstell - What is This? is a deeply personal, funny exploration of beauty, intimacy, freedom, sex and love. This is Simon's 5th Show and received rave reviews on his sold-out U.K. Tour last fall.

"His finest stand-up show! An uplifting, effortlessly entertaining, relatively cheerful new show deals with self-medicating, daddy issues and the beautiful fragility of love. His personal revelations are as funny as they are frank."
- The Times, London

"Existential questions with belly laughs...Comedy is rarely as smart or adventurous as this."
- Chortle

"Perky, Pained, Anxious, Ironic, Wise -- and Funny! This is classic, neurotic, angst-ridden Amstell!"
- The Guardian

"4 out of 4 stars! Comedy Gold! Amstell's existential angst & side-splitting show benefits from his lack of an edit button and his absolute candour. If you want to smile, just go see Simon Amstell."
- Evening Standard

"Sharply Penetrating Gags about Love and Happiness! If there is the odd pin-drop moment, when the audience doesn't quite know whether to laugh, gasp or pat him awkwardly on the arm, the crisp precision of the jokes keeps things moving. 'I used to be depressed and not get out of bed,' he sighs. 'Now I get out of bed, and I don't know why.' The balance between funny and wise is just about right."
- iNews


Frank Spadone
Alli Hassan
Callum Worsley
Warn Anderson
Stella Acquisto
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