Diana Lopez. Photo by Chris Lagesten.
Image on the right, Aerial dancer, ropes and clay pottery. Image on the left, a silhouette of person standing with a stand up picThe Festival of New Theatre and Canadian Festival of New Musicals. 10 new shows. Over 100 artists. 7 weeks in the Berkeley Theatre.

The Festival of New Theatre and the Canadian Festival of New Musicals

Canadian Stage and The Musical Stage Company are proud to announce The Festival of New Theatre and the Canadian Festival of New Musicals. For seven weeks, both companies will come together to transform the Berkeley Theatre into a vibrant hub of creativity, proudly showcasing 10 brand new works in development by Canadian artists.

Join us in experiencing the cutting-edge voices that are shaping the future of live art in Canada.  

This year, artists from across Canada will present new work that celebrates who we are and how we tell stories. These artists are connected by their passion for storytelling and a desire to push beyond the boundaries of the medium. 

The Festival of New Theatre serves as the cornerstone of Canadian Stage’s mission to develop new work and to contribute to the unique cultural landscape of Toronto. The Festival of New Theatre is a mix of presentations, premieres, workshops and talkbacks featuring work by charles c. smith with wind in the leaves collective, Diana Lopez Soto, Natasha Mumba, Susanna Fournier, Nicole BrooksErin Shields, and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff. 

New Voices. New Stories. New Musicals.

Join us for a celebration of creativity, innovation, and collaboration as we give audiences a glimpse of three of the Musical Stage Company’s musicals in development.

Featuring excerpts from IN REAL LIFE, AFTER THE RAIN, and COWBOY TEMPEST CABARET, the Canadian Festival of New Musicals is an electrifying showcase that will give audiences a first look and listen at the new stories being created from some of our country's most promising lyricist, composers, and writers. The festival will also provide opportunities for music theatre creators to meet new collaborators, learn more from experts in the field, and engage in the conversation around the development of new musical theatre in Canada.

Be a part of the future of Canadian musical theatre and see why it’s better with music.

The New Work Development at Canadian Stage is generously supported by the Fabio Mascarin Foundation