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The Initiator
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Who >

Find out more about the creators of Concord Floral

About Brubacher/Spooner/Tannahill

Brubacher, Spooner and Tannahill have worked together on Concord Floral since Suburban Beast (Toronto) first workshopped the project in 2012. All multi-disciplinary artists, the Brubacher/Spooner/Tannahill trio have taken on different roles throughout Concord Floral 's development, informed by their distinct bodies of work. Playwright Tannahill wrote the script over three iterations, while Brubacher and Spooner have directed the process as well as the casts of young performers who have brought the piece into being in cities and sites across Canada. Works by these artists have been presented at The National Arts Centre, Habourfront Centre's World Stage, the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the British Film Institute, the CONTACT Photography Festival, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Theatre Centre, the Goethe Institut and Stromereien 11 and others.

Dramatis Personae >

Meet the cast

Just Joey (Franco Pang)
"19 year old, 7 inch, brown hair, hazel eyes... CraigsList... I get 24 replies in the first hour"

Bobolink (Davinder Malhi)
"I was born in this field, but I left when I was very young. I flew back because this place is in my blood"

John Cabot (Theo Gallaro)
"I'm a birdwatcher"

Forever Irene (Melisa Sofi)
"I went home and took a shower... I closed my eyes... and brought the nozzle closer"

Rosa Mundi (Ofa Gasesepe)
"My dad always said I was a bad seed"

Nearly Wild (Jovana Miladinovic)
"Does your mind ever do that sometimes? Go to a real sick place?"

Couch (Micaela Robertson)
"I used to live in a basement... until two boys dragged me into the field"

Fox (Madison Baines)
"It's true I was watching them. People think animals don’t understand what sex is..."

Greenhouse (Rashida Shaw)
"I’ve seen a few decades of kids grow up inside me: First pets buried, first beers drunk, first kisses, virginities lost. These kids are wise...aware"

Bobbie James (Jessica Munk)
"I just wandered the crowd. Tried to dance a little. I wore a red sweater."
Photos by Erin Brubacher from the series This is my room. Look.

Why >


Teaser Trailer

"We are delighted to be an artistic home for Jordan Tannahill as he continues to break new ground in Canadian theatre. A bold contemporization of a classic fable and exploration of the world of alliances and exclusion, Concord Floral is a perfect follow-up to last season's Botticelli in the Fire & Sunday in Sodom . Seen through the eyes of the fantastic teen cast and the vision of directors Erin Brubacher and Cara Spooner - and performed in an entirely new actor-audience setting on the Bluma Appel stage - it promises to be a live theatre experience like no other."
– Matthew Jocelyn, Canadian Stage Artistic & General Director

Where >

Concord Floral is playing at the Bluma Appel Theatre at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts (27 Front St. East). Seating is entirely on stage. Directions

How >

To secure a school/group booking or to make enquiries about workshops, please contact Autumn Smith, Education and Audience Development Manager.