Brendan Healy, Baba Mortazavik, Tooran Mortazavi, Alexandra Baillie and Drew Sinclair. Photo by George Pimentel.
Group photo with Brendan Healy, Baba Mortazavik, Tooran Mortazavi, Alexandra Baillie and Drew Sinclair on stage.

Creative City Builders Award 2022

The Creative City Builders Award recognizes and celebrates Toronto leaders and companies who have meaningfully contributed to the creative spaces and communities in our vibrant city.

The arts play a foundational, underpinning role in the vitality of our neighbourhoods and urban spaces. More broadly, culture is one of the lynchpins of social sustainability in the contemporary city. Artists and arts organizations cannot do this alone – we need people, businesses and governments to actively make space and create the conditions for creative cities.

At the Theatre Ball gala on June 21, 2022, Canadian Stage recognized the pioneering and humble leadership of Babak and Tooran Mortazavi of TAS.

Impact is our purpose. Real estate is our tool. – TAS

Together, Babak and Tooran Mortazavi immigrated to Canada in 1981 and founded TAS in 1983. Partners in life and enterprise, Babak and Tooran founded TAS because they recognized custom home building as a powerful tool that could help families thrive.

Joined by their son Mazyar Mortazavi as President & CEO in 2000, the Mortazavis have transformed TAS into an unconventional impact company that promotes connected neighbourhoods and caring, committed neighbourhoods.

As pioneers in Toronto’s city building community, they believe the arts play a critical role in creating healthy, vibrant communities where residents can thrive. Those convictions are consistently realized into practice through the Mortazavis’ steadfast support of local artists, ideas and creative spaces. Genuine arts-lovers, Babak and Tooran were foundinging members of Canadian Stage’s City Builders program and can frequently be found in the audiences of performances and artistic offerings at Canadian Stage and across the city.