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Dozens of outstretched hands reach out toward a Black performer obscured by shadow.
Un, Deux, Trois

Un. Deux. Trois

An Orange Noyée and le Théâtre français du CNA production presented in association with Théâtre français de Toronto and Canadian Stage

By Mani Soleymanlou



In UN (One), Mani Soleymanlou tries to pinpoint what exactly defines him as an Iranian living in Canada. In DEUX (Two), he is joined on stage by Manu (Emmanuel Schwartz), his kindred spirit. Together they search for what he might have missed in his initial quest for identity. A quest that culminates with TROIS (Three).

Co-presented with Canadian Stage, UN, DEUX, TROIS is simply breathtaking in scale and scope. The production involves no less than 40 performers from across Canada. All of them acting as co-creators. This epic trilogy reflects the cultural and political heritage of North America, the diversity of its communities, and the richness of its territories and many climates. These co-creators will all share their lived experiences, ideas, aspirations, and frustrations, to question what forms, divides, and unites us.

This production is a quest for collective intimacy, a kaleidoscope of committed and engaging voices.

Let's not beat around the bush, the end result is stunning. – Christian Saint-Pierre - Le Devoir
It's an important play in a country like ours which argues it’s reaching out to refugees. And it's a show that reminds us how essential theatre is when it carries a strong message and dares to really connect with the world. – Alexandre Vigneault - La Presse
Presented in French with English supertitles


Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a company performing repertoire and new work for Francophones and Francophiles. It promotes and presents theatrical vitality to the various communities and school networks it serves. As a gathering place where everyone can meet, the company puts quality work at the forefront by offering a diversified and inclusive program. Through its programs, TfT supports, encourages, and spurs on the artistic emergence and professional development of its community. It actively participates in education and theatrical outreach.

Playwright & Director

  • Mani Soleymanlou

Direction Assistant and Stage Management

  • Jean Gaudreau


  • Erwann Bernard


  • Larsen Lupin

Production Manager

  • Catherine Desjardins

Executive Producer

  • Xavier Inchaspé

Codirection of UN, and Artistic Consultant on DEUX:Title

  • Alice Ronfard

Technical Direction

  • Audrey Janelle
  • Chantal Labonté

Production Coordinator

  • Laëtitia Fabaron

Tour Coordinator

  • Charlotte Ménard
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