Diana Lopez Soto. Photo by Chris Lagesten.
Aerial dancer, ropes and clay pottery. Yellow text, Aerial dancer, ropes and clay pottery. Yellow text,


Co-presented by Canadian Stage and DanceWorks

Created by Diana Lopez Soto

NOMADA blends aerial dance, installation art, and contemporary Mexican indigenous dance. Inspired by personal stories of displacement, dances and stories from the P’urepecha and Otomi nations of Michoacan, and the relationship between our bodies and the earth, NOMADA is a visually stunning and visceral experience.

Looking for some bonus programming to go with your ticket to NOMADA? We've got you covered! You're invited to attend:

  • Friday, April 19th post-show talkback at the Berkeley Street Theatre with Diana Lopez Soto. A tactile exposition related to the pottery and textiles from the show will also be on display in the lobby area. 


Concept by

  • Diana Lopez Soto

Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Director

  • Rebecca Carney

Script, Mentor, Director and Dramaturge 2017-2022

  • Alejandro Ronceria

Knowledge Keeper, Purepecha mentor and Regalia co-designer

  • Leonardo Martin Vargas Carrion

Ritual Performance Consultation

  • Coman Poon

Set Designer

  • Andy Moro

Pirekua Composer

  • Erandi Cuiriz Ramos

Composer (First Draft)

  • Diego Marulanda

Composer (Final)

  • Edgardo Moreno

Lighting Designer

  • Arun Srinivasan

Costume Design

  • Adriana Fulop

Projection Design

  • Samay Arcentales Cajas

Rigger Specialist

  • Rebecca Devi Leonard
  • Israel Barrera Hernandez

Stage Manager

  • Taylor Zalik-Young

Production Manager

  • Patricia Levert

NOMADA is a co-production of The CanDance Network Creation Fund, Canadian Stage, DanceWorks, Crimson Coast Society, Public Energy Performing Arts, and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Canadian Stage's New Work Development Department is generously supported by the Fabio Mascarin Foundation. 

Uarhi Creations is a centre for multi and inter-arts research, a generator of experiences, performances and offerings and an incubator of collective eco-initiatives. Uarhi Creations also serves as a conduit for sharing movement practices and alternative learning experiences. We integrate, support, and foster self-directed inquiries in sustainable practices through ritual, process-based work, and site-specificity. Artistic Director, Diana Lopez Soto, is committed to cultivating human and land relationships. She celebrates the reciprocity and restoration of our deep inherited connections to Mother Earth to reclaim ancestral wisdom.

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