Illustration by Marie Chouinard

Time for Time

The Compagnie Marie Chouinard is pleased to present a dance performance event that resonates with the existential questions that inundate our lives.

These spontaneous dance performances will take their inspiration from a heartfelt wish that a member of the audience confides to a performer. In response to this desire, this first step, the dancer will play the role of medium between the forces of life and the unconscious mind of the person who has made the wish, initiating a flow of energy, a movement towards a possible enactment of change. After performing this kind of incantatory dance, reminiscent of the Pythia in ancient Greece, performers will take time to regenerate their bodies and minds before undertaking a new performance.

The performer “replies” to each wish expressed with a dance which lasts for approximately five minutes.

On each of the three days, members of the audience will be able to view all the dances and all the sharing of wishes.

This free event is open to everyone. You just need to register, and 24 hours before the performance you will be provided with a link.

This moment of exchange is our gift to you. Take the time.
Time for time,
time for sharing,
time for hope,
time for intimacy,
time for change,
time for introspection,
time for joy,
time for you!

A Marie Chouinard production presented by Canadian Stage

Dance Programming Supporter

Hal Jackman Foundation


  • Marie Chouinard

Dancers (in rotation)

  • Michael Baboolal
  • Adrian W.S Batts
  • Jossua Collin Dufour
  • Valeria Gallucci
  • Motrya Kozbur
  • Luigi Luna
  • Sayer Mansfield
  • Celeste Robbins
  • Carol Prieur

also playing at canadian stage

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January - May, 2022
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