Necessary Angel Theatre Company in association with Canadian Stage and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

By Pamela Mala Sinha
Directed by Alan Dilworth

The year is 1970 and the arrival of a Bengali bride to a small university town shakes up a tight-knit group of Indian immigrants, including the husband she’s never met. Tradition and counterculture collide for three women and their husbands as their perceptions of identity, sexuality, and the meaning of freedom are challenged by the spirit – and actions – of this fearless young woman.

Necessary Angel's mission is to explore the shifting nature of identity through theatre. We ask the question: who are we now? and seek answers that make new and radical connections.

Founded in 1978 by Richard Rose, Necessary Angel pioneered idea-based artist-driven theatre creation processes, influencing a generation of English speaking companies and artists. The company has created over 60 productions, including 30 world premieres and 11 North American premieres and has a history of innovation and risk taking, engaging theatre artists from a variety of disciplines in the creation of new work.

Alan Dilworth was appointed Necessary Angel's fourth Artistic Director in June 2019.


Necessary Angel Theatre Company


  • Pamela Mala Sinha


  • Alan Dilworth

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