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Get in on the In My Body hype!

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Catch up on all the talk surrounding In My Body! Follow the dance crew backstage, learn more about the choreographer, Crazy Smooth, and find out about the journey that’s brought this new work to stages across Canada. Get a dose of the electrifying dance performance turning the entire notion of aging on its head.


Being on stage is one of the places I feel most alive—I am at ease and happy on stage. The gift and the power of self-expression through the performing arts is something I try not to take for granted. – Crazy Smooth
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The cross-Canada tour

First, can we acknowledge how crazy ambitious it is to plan a national tour after two long years of no indoor theatre?!  

Shout-out to all our neighbouring presenters bringing this incredible ensemble of dance artists to the stage. In My Body tours across Canada to Edmonton (presented by Brian Webb Dance Company), Whitehorse (Yukon Arts Centre), Toronto, and Ottawa (Centre National des Arts).  

Canadian Stage is pleased to present the Toronto performances in co-presentation with dance Immersion and TO Live.  

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Photo by Jerick Collantes.


The q interview

One of Canada's hottest street dancers and community leaders, Crazy Smooth, sat down with Tom Power at CBC's q for an intimate interview to discuss aging in dance.  

When your body is your vehicle of expression, what keeps Smooth moving despite the challenges?  

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The Caribbean Camera interview

In the old days, the done thing in the downtown Bluma Appel Theatre was to stay quiet until a performance was over and then start clapping. That ain’t going to happen starting this March 17th when Crazy Smooth and Bboyizm roll, jump, hop and dance onto the big hall’s stage for three evenings of Break and Street dances. 

“We want to hear and see everyone!" said famed street dancer and b-boy dancer Crazy Smooth. "We've all had to live through the new normal, but now I think our desire and need to be around each other is coming through. Stand up. Make some moves, and let us hear you!" 

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Photo by Jerick Collantes.




The behind the scenes snaps

The videos were originally posted on @CCOV_mtl Instagram channel.  

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