Created by dance Immersion staff from images by Enzo Romero, Irma Villafuerte, and Dawit Tibebu
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dance Immersion Double-Bill Presentation

A dance Immersion Production


dance Immersion presents CinnaMoon Collective’s Surrendered Spirits on a double-bill with Pulga Muchochoma’s MÀSCARA!
This premiere contemporary dance event features performances by Nickeshia Garrick, Irma Villafuerte, Viktor Kei, Pulga Muchochoma, and Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison. Though they are distinct pieces, both commissions investigate themes of ancestral legacy, displacement, and the impacts of immigrant experiences.

Surrendered Spirits by CinnaMoon Collective
Surrendered Spirits is influenced and inspired by the impact of familial displacement and the artists’ upbringing as children of racialized, marginalized and immigrant families. This work encompasses the relationship of two femme, queer black and brown women who face each other seeking to heal the inherited ancestral and familial wounds. They find support in their sisterhood and the power of collective care. Surrendered Spirits is a co-commission by curatorial and producing partners dance Immersion and Kaeja d’Dance. This work is funded by Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

MÀSCARA by Pulga Muchochoma, with Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison
MÀSCARA examines the masks we wear: We all have more than one face… From their perspective, others may see one image at first glance, but there is always more to learn about the person behind the mask. MÀSCARA is commissioned by dance Immersion.


  • CinnaMoon Collective
  • Pulga Muchochoma


  • Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison
  • Viktor Kei & Brandon Valdivia

Music Director

  • Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison
  • Viktor Kei

Stage Manager

  • Laura Baxter
  • Jessica Zepeda

Lighting Design

  • Darren Shaen & Sebastian Marziali

Multimedia Design

  • Alejandra Higuera


  • Alejandra Higuera & Kanna Anigbogu

Costume Design

  • Rachel Forbes & Pulga Muchochoma


  • Kobèna-Aquaa-Harrison
  • Nickeshia Garrick
  • Viktor Kei
  • Pulga Muchochoma
  • Irma Villafuerte

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