Request for Proposal: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan Consultant

Contract Details: Contract, Part-Time over a 6-month period, to be determined in consultation with consultant



Canadian Stage is hiring a senior DEI consultant to create a multi-year DEI Strategic Plan (the Project) that will be integrated and harmonized with the organizations’ new and updated strategic plan.

We are seeking an experienced and skilled consultant on a part time basis over an estimated 6-month period to begin as soon as possible.

The ideal candidate should possess strong leadership, project management, analytical skills and the ability to translate DEI metrics, research findings, and trends into a measurable and strategic working plan. Well developed skills building and maintaining positive collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders, cross cultural collaboration and excellent written and verbal communication skills are also required.

The Scope of Work requires the:

Project Budget: $25,000 


Canadian Stage is one of the country’s anchor not-for-profit contemporary theatre and performance companies. We have been formally incorporated under the banner of Canadian Stage since 1987, but our lineage goes back over 70 years. Canadian cultural institutions, including Canadian Stage, have been built on a systemically inequitable and exclusionary foundation.

In recent years, we have been working with consultants, Board, and staff members to understand better where and how those systems exist and to identify pathways for transformative and lasting change. We have also invested in ongoing training, education, and inclusive practices.

In 2020, Canadian Stage engaged an Equity and Anti-oppression Educator & Consultant to launch the first phase of a multi-year process to advance DEI initiatives within the organization. This first phase included an extensive diagnostic assessment of the organization over 12 months (an overview of the work can be found here).

From the 2020-21 diagnostic work and reports/recommendations, the central learning is that while our DEI and related policies had areas for improvement across all areas, the most significant gaps are related to practice – insufficient and unaligned systems and knowledge that can translate aspirations, values, and policies into real life/practices in ways that consistent across departments, functions, and people.   These shortfalls have slowed our progress and real change.

Looking forward over the next three years, we aim to organize what has been discussed into actionable annual work plans and implement the plan at every level and department of the organization.



Shortly before the pandemic, we launched our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. While several objectives remain relevant, we must meaningfully refresh the strategic plan with learnings from the pandemic through our DEI work and a better understanding of the organization’s opportunities and challenges. One of the failures of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is that it did not successfully entrench our DEI objectives and inclusivity through the DNA of the strategy. DEI-related tasks did not fully recognize how inclusivity must be considered in everything we do and did not emphasize full company commitment and accountability.

Looking forward, we are developing a multi-year DEI plan concurrently with a multi-year strategic plan to allow for cross-pollination and consolidation. To accomplish this, we are hiring two concurrent consultants working in complementary and integrated processes and outputs:  a consultant with expertise in audiences, fundraising, and financial management, and the DEI consultant with expertise in equity – including accessibility, and related planning.



Canadian Stage operates with 30-35 full-time staff, 20-30 seasonal part-time staff, and 200-300 artists and contractors per year. We are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 20 members.



Canadian Stage's mission is to be the country's leading contemporary performing arts organization. A collision of disciplines and cultures, Canadian Stage reflects the dynamism and complexity of Canada and is a vital artistic force locally, nationally, and internationally.

More information regarding our mandate and history can be found here.



Applications should include:

Send your application to and use the email subject header “DEI Strategic Plan Consultant.”

Please let us know if you require any accessibility supports with the application process.

While we thank all candidates for their interest, only those short-listed will be contacted.