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Your All-Access Pass!

With a new season, comes a new participation model. We are pleased to announce the SubscriberPlus Pass (starting at $95). This flexible, all-access program allows you to choose the experiences that best suit you. Benefits include access to all digital events, discounts on additional tickets, first access to programs as they are announced, invitations to behind-the-scenes events, and more. All passes are valid until April 30, 2021.

How to Book


New passes now on sale!


Current 20.21 Subscribers

You will be contacted by one of our Audience Services Representatives who will guide you through the process of transferring your current subscription into a SubscriberPlus Pass. To help expedite the process, please take a moment to complete the order request form linked below. You can also book a call with one of our Audience Services Representatives.

New Passes

New SubscriberPlus Passes will go on sale on September 24, 2020.
  Access Pass Single Pass Double Pass Household Pass
SubscriberPlus Pass $95 $130 $234 $319
Artist Voucher   $45 $65 $80
TOTAL $95 $175 $299 $399
Access to all digital events X X X X
First access to all programming as it is announced X X X X
Advance notice of and access to 21.22 season X X X X
Passes to each installment of A Thousand Ways 1 1 2 Up to 4
Tickets to a Dance in High Park performance 1 1 2 Up to 4
Passholder discount on additional tickets to digital events   X X X
Invitations to behind-the-scenes passholder-only events   X X X
Direct investment in artists through the Artist Voucher program
- Includes tax receipt for allowed amount
  X X X
Advance notice and first access to seats for all in theatre productions   X X X

Subscriber FAQ

What options do I have for my cancelled tickets?
  1. Transfer your subscription to a 20.21 SubscriberPlus Pass – you can read more about different Pass options above.
  2. Keep the value of your tickets on your account as a credit for the 21.22 season.
  3. Donate the value of your tickets to Canadian Stage, with a full tax receipt in return.
  4. Donate the value of your tickets directly to artists through an Artist Voucher, providing artists with funds through commissioning and micro-granting. A full tax receipt will be provided.
  5. Receive a refund
You can also use a combination of options listed above.

How can I use my 19.20 or 20.21 season credit?
Credits on your account can be used for any paid programming for the 20.21 season, or for our future 21.22 season.

Why have you only released programming from September to December?
To be responsive to our ever-changing world, we will be announcing our programming on a rolling basis. You can read about our Fall 2020 programming here, and information about our Winter and Spring 2021 programming will be announced later. SubscriberPlus Pass holders will have access to all programming for the 20.21 season (Fall, Winter, and Spring).

What non-digital programming do you have?
The 3 performances that make up A Thousand Ways will be non-digital experiences – the first will be a phone call, and the second and third events will be in-person meetings in small groups. We may also have other non-digital programming in the Winter and Spring blocks (to be announced).

How do Passes/tickets work for digital shows for people who live in the same house?
We ask that you purchase the Pass that best reflects the number of people in your household or group that will be joining us this season. Your Pass also reflects the number of individuals that will have access to a reserved spot in the three experiences that make up A Thousand Ways.

Will digital content only be available at a specific time, or will I have a window of time in which to watch it?
This will be specific to each show. Some pieces will only be available for viewing at their stated start time, some events will happen live but a recording will be available for viewing later, and some events may be available for viewing during a specified window of time. We will provide details on an individual show basis as they become available.

I organize a subscription for a group, how will the Passes work for us?
Each individual/household in the group will need to have a Pass added to their account so that everyone receives all the information they will need during the season. You can let us know that you organize a group when filling out this form, and we will reach out to help get each individual/household set up with an account and a Pass.

My group wants to donate part of our order balance, can we get separate tax receipts?
Yes! You can let us know you need individual tax receipts for your group members when filling out this form, and we will reach out to you.

What is an Artist Voucher?
An Artist Voucher is a way to give support directly to artists. Through commissioning and micro-granting programs, funds from Artist Vouchers will go directly into the hands of artists.

I have tickets for Blackout, what happens to those? Our hope is that we will be able to gather again indoors for our production of Blackout, so for now you will retain your tickets for Blackout. More details about our plans for Blackout will be available closer to the run of the show in May 2021.