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Artist Residencies

“Live performance is facing unprecedented challenges. Canadian Stage wants to provide individual creators, performers and practitioners with the tools and the time that they deserve to deeply investigate their own practice, to delve into their artistic questions, and to learn the tools that they may need to pivot in this new reality. There is an opportunity and necessity for change; this is exciting, frightening, exhilarating and daunting. I believe that any significant change and innovation in our ecology will come from our artists, and so institutions must invest deeply in their time, questioning, collaboration and contemplation. Our artist investments seek to support artists as they adapt, but more importantly, lead us in understanding, questioning, and building a new collective future.” - Associate Artistic Director Mel Hague

Through our Artist Investment Programs, Canadian Stage will foster artistic innovation and support artist development through a unique set of granting and residency opportunities. The following opportunities will aide professional artists in investigation of their practice, with a focus on process, learning, collaboration, and deep thinking.

More details to follow on application requirements and process.

BMO Lab Residency Program (in collaboration with the University of Toronto)

Applications closed Friday September 4, 2020

A unique paid opportunity that will embed two professional artists with a live performance practice and an interest in creation and emergent technologies in a graduate-level, interdisciplinary course at the BMO Lab at the University of Toronto. The aim of this residency is to provide the artists with access to an educational space experimenting in the application of technology to live performance, and to work deeply with both the students and course facilitators on the practical creation of new experiments in performance.

CS Virtual Reality Technology Residency

Application dates TBA

“Compelling theatre is the result of the ephemeral magic and alchemy of people, design and story. The combination of Virtual Reality technology and live performance opens the doors of physics, time, place, embodiment and reality—expanding our capacities for storytelling and pushing our existing boundaries of what we believe theatre to ‘be’. By engaging with this emerging technology participating artists have the opportunity to expand their imaginations in ways that will impact their practice and the work we all create going forward. As we continue to live in this ‘distancing’ era, VR offers a magical range of ways to create, perform, and experience together.” - Beth Kates

Led by award-winning theatre creator and designer Beth Kates, two artists will participate in a three-week intensive exploring Virtual Reality technology and the applications of this technology for live performance. Participants will receive an honorarium for participation and will be loaned an Oculus Quest VR system to learn and discover within the virtual landscape. This practical-based curriculum allows artists with an interest in emergent technology to investigate its creative capacity and application to their own artistic practice.