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Mar 16 - 20, 2016
Two people meet. They fall in love. And it is thrilling. It is soft. But it is also consuming and exhausting.

Orpheus & Eurydice invites its audience to reflect on past and current relationships, to wonder what could have been, and to embrace what is now. Through the context of the myth, it presents an emotionally raw and physically captivating exploration of our desire for connection.

Theatre TOnight's inaugural production introduces the city to a fresh aesthetic cultivated by newcomers Julia Krauss and Nicholas Walsh.

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  • Berkeley Street Rehearsal Hall
  • 60 minutes (no intermission)
Arlen Aguayo
Cheryl Chan
Roberto Ercoli
Mateo Galindo Torres
Ana Groppler
Vivek Hariharan
Marion Henkelmann
Julia Hussey
Sarah Ignaczewski
Jolyane Langlois
Diana Luong
Brittany Miranda
Damian Norman
Brian Postalian
Amanda Pye
Hugh Ritchie
Shakeil Rollock
Kyle Shields
Dylan Shumka-White
Elizabeth Stuart-Morris
Kathia Wittenborn
Ewa Wolniczek
Julia Krauss & Nicholas Walsh


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